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Fair Elections Roundtable

Help Get Money Out of Politics and End Gerrymandering

We believe the survival of our democracy requires two reforms that are fundamental to all others: (1) Ending gerrymandering through nonpartisan redistricting reform, and (2) Improving methods of financing political campaigns.

LWV Position on Redistricting Reform (approved, LWVUS Convention, 2016)

Coalition Partners

Coalition partner organizations include: The American Association of Retired People of North Carolina (AARP NC); Common Cause of NC; Democracy NC; the American Association of University Women (AAUW); The Greensboro Voters Alliance (GVA); National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP); NC Triad Jobs with Justice, and the North Carolina Voters for Clean Elections (NCVCE).

End Gerrymandering with Nonpartisan Redistricting Reform

Increasing Transparency in the Financing of Local and Regional Elections

With little prospect of legislative action, the Fair Elections Roundtable and its coalition partners have decided to undertake two projects:

1. To negotiate with candidates in the 2016 elections in Guilford County, asking them to file their campaign finance reports electronically (this will increase campaign finance transparency by making it easier for watchdogs to study and analyze their reports.

2. To work through the Guilford County Board of Elections to provide training in the use of the free, state-supplied campaign finance reporting software to the election campaigns of candidates for elective office in Guilford County.

Get Informed about Campaign Finance and Redistricting Reform

Getting Special Interest Money Out of Politics

Materials for Community Education on Campaign Finance Reform: Democracy in the Balance

Federal Elections Commission Campaign Finance Reports and Data from Presidential Elections, House and Senate Elections, Super PACs and Other Independent Filers

North Carolina Board of Elections Campaign Finance Reports from North Carolina State Level and State Wide Elections,PACs, Political Committees, and PACs, and Other Independent Filers

Guilford County Level Countywide and Local Elections, Candidate Committees, Political Committees, PACs, and Other Independent Filers

Does money buy influence in the North Carolina General Assembly? Click here to connect the dots between campaign donors, membership and status on legislative committees, and proposed legislation for North Carolina General Assembly, 2015 session.

The League is Powerful Because We Study Policy Issues With Scholarly Care Before We Advocate - Participate in the Process of Developing an Updated National League Consensus on Money in Politics

Money Out, Voters In: A Guide to Democratic Reform

A Rare Victory Over Dark Money

Bill Moyers: Dollars v. Democracy

Bill Moyers Show, State of Conflict: North Carolina

6 Mind-Blowing Stats on How 1 Percent of the 1 Percent Now Dominate our Elections

Eleven Shocking Facts about Campaign Finance

Democracy in the Balance (DIB) PowerPoint Presentation for Community Discussions

Script to Accompany DIB PowerPoint

Invitation to Attend Community Discussion of DIB

Voter Owned Elections: Getting Special Interest Money out of Politics

Chapel Hill's Version of Voter Owned Elections

The Growing Influence of Money in State Supreme Court Elections - The Atlantic 11/15/2015

NY Times Book Review of Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right by Jane Mayer, Jan 19, 2016

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