Making Democracy Work

Roundtables and Advocacy


You can make a difference! Join a roundtable!

In the LWVPT, study, action and advocacy groups are called roundtables (RTs). The roundtables (RTs) of the LWVPT develop partnerships or form coalitions with other nonpartisan organizations with similar concerns and interests. The RTs are specialized by topic and form as the need arises. Some form after an issue at the national, state, or local level has been studied and consensus achieved. Some roundtables are formed based on older positions of the League, but fresh material is studied or written to provide an update to previously studied documents.

Current roundtables are

Fair Elections,

Public Education,



Immigration Reform and

Social Justice.

The coalitions between our RT's and other nonpartisan groups endow our public positions with the force of many groups in addition to that provided by our own membership. Moreover, our coalitions have made many friends for the League, expanding to capacity our Lunches With the League and swelling our membership rolls.