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Welcome to LWVPT's Membership Page!

The League operates on a fiscal year, July 1 - June 30.

Dues are payable at the beginning of each fiscal year.

We recommend that you attend an LWVPT Orientation meeting. All members, both new and seasoned, are welcome! These programs are a great opportunity to meet the leaders and members of LWVPT. You will hear information about:
  • The history of the League, and the local, state, and national structure
  • The mission and methods of the LWVPT, our nonpartisan policy, and the divided tax status that allow both for education and advocacy
  • Voter Services and Candidate Forums
  • The initiatives of the 6 LWVPT Roundtables: Environment, Fair Elections, Health, Immigration Reform, Public Education, and Social Justice
  • How you can participate as your time and interest allow!

Orientation meetings are generally held twice a year, in Spring and Fall. Watch your email for details!

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Each year, the LWVPT Executive Committee may approve grant funded dues for a limited number of members who otherwise could not join LWVPT. To read more, click "APPLY FOR A MEMBERSHIP GRANT" on the left.

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If you have any questions about membership in LWVPT, email the Membership Chair.

We are 501(c)(4) and 501(c)(3) organizations.