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Social Justice Roundtable

The newly formed Social Justice Roundtable (SJRT) will add resources you can use to increase your knowledge. Please check again. In the meantime, direct your questions about the SJRT to Roundtable Chair Anna Fesmire The time, date and location of the general meetings of the Social Justice Roundtable are posted on the Calendar page of this website. For information about the Working Group meetings, email Anna Fesmire at

What is social justice?

". . . Whether something is just or unjust depends on whether it promotes or hinders equality of access to civil liberties, human rights, opportunities for healthy and fulfilling lives, as well as whether it allocates a fair share of benefits to the least advantaged members of society." + John Rawls.

Equality is not always Justice

General Social Justice Resources

Click on the link below to download a list of organizations doing Social Justice/Service Work in our city,

Social Justice/Service Organizations in Greensboro

Focus on Criminal Justice

Consider these facts about criminal justice from the NC Justice Center:

"1.6 million North Carolinians have criminal records. Approximately 40,000 individuals are currently in North Carolina's 70 prisons. Currently, 1 in 106 Caucasian males is incarcerated, while 1 in 36 Latino males and 1 in 15 African-American males are incarcerated.

It costs the NC Department of Public Safety $27,000 annually to incarcerate someone.

95% of incarcerated individuals will eventually leave prison and return home.

92% of employers conduct criminal background checks; an applicant with a criminal record is 50% less likely to receive a call back.

More than 900 state and federal laws deny North Carolinians a wide range of privileges and rights based on a criminal record.

North Carolina's 3-year recidivism rate is 40%."

Click on the links below to read about the injustices in our system of criminal justice:

Flood of New Court Fees Drown Indigent Defendants

The Prison Paradox: More Incarceration Will Not Make Us Safer:

The US has 5% of the World's Population and 25% of its Prisoners