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Public Education Roundtable

The education roundtable is a group of several local organizations interested in public education in North Carolina. The LWVPT is the founding organization.

See the news release and new white paper from LWV-LCF concerning curriculum in some schools receiving vouchers.

Kris Nordstrom from the NC Justice Center has provided the following links to information about public education in NC.

  • Number of charter schools (and number by county) can be found here.
  • There are two virtual charter schools: NC Virtual Academy and North Carolina Connections Academy.
  • The Charter School Annual Report has info on closures.
  • Detailed school performance measures can be found here.
  • Fiscal impact of charter schools.
  • Charter impact on school segregation. and here
  • Charter school operating requirements also in the Charter School Annual Report:
  • Differences in operating requirements versus traditional schools. Public Schools First provides a good starting point.

PennGriffin High School Program Feb. 2018

On Feb. 20 the LWVPT met at Penn Griffin middle/high school in High Point, NC. The High Point Enterprise wrote a story about the meeting and permitted us to include here.

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Ms . Blakeney
Ms. Blakeney's photo with LWVPT President Tracy Nash

Page 1 of the article

HPE second page
Page2 of the article

Impact of Poverty on Education

Backround of the meeting.

The Greensboro News and Record and the High Point Enterprise both reported on the meeting.

Content of the article in the High Point Enterprise to enable you to read the report.

Page 1

Organizations belonging to the education roundtable.

Representatives from the Guilford Education Alliance (GEA), Guilford County Association of Educators, Parents Teachers' Association, Guilford County School Board Members, and the LWVPT meet to discuss issues of public education.

Papers issued by the education roundtable.

Resources and Articles of Interest Regarding Public Education

Dr. Contreras answers to LWVPT member questions

At the March 2017 Lunch with the League, there were more questions than time to answer them. Dr. Contreras kindly responded with written answers to the questions.

An analysis by PSFNC of the current status of state public school funding following the passage of the budget by the NC General Assembly

Impact of the 2016-17 state budget on public schools

Facts on Public and Private Schools

Letter to the General Assembly, May 2015

Update on public education from P. Harrison newsletter

PDF file of the PowerPoint presentation of Yevonne Brannon on March 17, 2015.

For more information about the state of North Carolina's public schools, check out Public Schools First NC.


Click Here to Download The Public Schools First Advocacy Guide!


Recent Duke University study of charter schools in NC

Top public schools in NY need diversity

Can public education as we know it survive?


Check out - All-in for Public Education offers advocacy resources for those seeking strategies and tactics to build more support for public education


The 2014-15 NC State Budget and Teacher Salaries


The Case for Teacher Assistants in the Classroom


If you have questions about why teachers need tenure, you must see this video by an experienced teacher. He makes the case!


New York Times Article - Teaching Is Not A Business!


A Hidden, Drastic Change in NC School Funding!


Can Public Education As We Know It Survive?

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