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Comprehensive Immigration Reform Roundtable

The Immigration Reform Roundtable was formed after the national LWV study on immigration. Started by the LWVPT, the Roundtable participates in the Immigrant Rights Working Group (IRWG) with representatives of other groups, among them the Center for New North Carolinians, Faith Action International, American Friends Service Committee, Church World Services, and the NC Justice Center.

Information from Lunch with the League September 19

The September, 2017 Lunch with the League is completed. For anyone who needs the contact information for our federal representatives or the Community Foundation information for the new funds, just click and read or download. >br>Note that the URL printed on the handout did not work. It has been corrected in the document for download:FundsCF.pdf.

The Shame of Locking Up Immigrants for Profit

"Immigration and Customs Enforcement, also called ICE, has to keep 34,000 immigrants behind bars each day in order to keep its funding. But, out of the 350 facilities it uses to incarcerate these immigrants, only 8 are owned and operated by ICE itself. For the rest, ICE pays between $122-$200 person, per night, to for-profit corporations and local jails. Politicians love to bray that 'illegal aliens' are bleeding America. But the real leeches are the private prison companies who rake in billions in taxpayer money to ruin immigrants' lives - including those with the legal papers to live and work in the US."

Watch this youtube video

Now watch this video about Jorge Gama, 26, an immigrant from Mexico who, after an altercation with other youth, was arrested and detained for one year and four months:

Additional Information About Our Shameful Quota System:

Immigrant Rights Working Group

A local group with many participants. The immigrant rights working group meets twice a month.


From The American Friends Service Website:

"On April 15th, 2014, the Greensboro City Council unanimously passed a resolution declaring Greensboro to be a 'Welcoming City', part of a national movement to create more welcoming and supportive communities for immigrants and refugees. Since then, community groups have been meeting and conducting research to finalize this report and a series of recommendations for the city to pursue in order to make this vision a reality. This Document [see the link below] was presented to the City of Greensboro on June 19th, 2014."

Why 250 Counties have stopped honoring ICE detainer requests!