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The Case for Nonpartisan Redistricting

Restoring Democracy in NC: The Case for Nonpartisan Redistricting This event was held on January 26. The video is on YouTube so you may view it or share the link so others may. Redistricting.

Dr. Dana Dunn, Provost of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro introduces the video. The program reported on a Successful Nonpartisan Redistricting Simulation by a Volunteer Panel of 10 Retired NC Supreme Court Justices and Senior Appellate Court Judges.

The video features Tom Ross, Former UNC President, current President of the Volcker Alliance, and Terry Sanford Distinguished Fellow at the Sanford School of Public Policy of Duke University


Justice Rhoda Billings (R) & Justice Henry Frye (D), Retired Chief Justices of the North Carolina Supreme Court.

The program was presented by the League of Women Voters of the Piedmont Triad in memory of Sally Austin.

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Redistricting ACTION

#1 Remember what Justice Frye said? Legislators listen to those who can vote them in or out of office! So each of us must contact our own state legislators to tell them we want redistricting reform to happen in 2017. If all of us do this, our NC legislature will hear from over 400 of us! If we each get a friend or family member also to write, email or call, that would be over 800! Better yet, two extra friends/family members would be over 1200 NC citizens contacting our legislators!

Go to Click "Who Represents Me?" You'll get their phone #, e-address, and office address. Find them on Facebook. Phone, email, or use the US Postal Service. Best of all: post on their Facebook pages for maximum exposure! Tell them you attended the forum on 1/26 and heard Ross, Billings and Frye; tell them you want nonpartisan redistricting in NC; ask them if they support HB92 (or an equivalent) being reintroduced this 2017 Session and urge them to co-sponsor. Ask them to reply and let you know their stance.

Copy House Speaker Moore ( and Senate President Berger ( on each piece of correspondence because this will go NOWHERE without their allowing it. We must give our legislators 400, 800, 1200 reasons to demand the leadership allow them to vote on this!

#2 - Support Citizens' Day for Lobbying Reform on Wednesday, March 1st, at the NC Legislature; (16 W. Jones Street in Raleigh) organized by the nonpartisan NC Coalition for Lobbying & Government Reform. Check-in starts at 9:00 a.m. at the courtyard inside the NC Legislative Building. If you can't make it by 9 a.m. no problem - staff will be there to greet you throughout the morning. Participants will be able to visit the offices of NC House & NC Senate members to tell them of our desire for nonpartisan redistricting. Details at A big turn-out would make a difference!

#3 - NC is not alone! The conference, REDISTRICTING REFORM: MAPPING OUR FUTURE occurred on March 2-3. The program from the conference with video links is available .

#4 - Go to ENDGERRYMANDERINGNOW.COM to petition the General Assembly! For everyone to sign: For business people: For civic leaders:

Thanks for being involved, and please share the video link and these action items with folks like you who want to see Nonpartisan Redistricting Reform move forward in 2017.

LWV of North Carolina

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Women March of January 21

The Women's March was held on January 21. There is an abundance of information about the marches around the world. We are leaving the document here in case anyone needs the guidelines.. Please note that the LWV of the United States has information on line as well.

Medicaid Expansion in North Carolina

Dr. Margaret Salinger and Dr. Theresa Bratton spoke Oct. 30 at a press conference calling for the expansion of Medicaid in NC. Click on a name to read the remarks of each one. The empty chairs are in a clinic in Greensboro, closed to the community due to lack of funds.

New North Carolina Voting Law

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